Swansea / Abertawe



NUT Swansea has a long established reputation for our casework.  Our caseworkers offer a range of interests and teaching experience including both primary and secondary sectors, senior leadership, middle management, student teachers and NQTS.  


Due to the increasing amount of casework, the Swansea NUT executive have implemented the following casework procedures from 2015:


1. Member to make initial contact with NUT Casework Secretary either by telephone or by email.

Telephone - 07712 105359



2. Member to complete form when directed by Casework Secretary.


3. Your form will be reviewed and you will be allocated a  caseworker.

4. Your caseworker will make contact with you.  



Swansea Caseworker Team

Senior Caseworkers

Paul Bedford

Steffan ap Dafydd

Peggy George


Glyn Tiltman

Hayley Steel

Lynne Berezanski

Patricia Sanderson


NUT Cymru Wales Officer

Gareth Lloyd

The Swansea Division of the National Union of Teachers  |  communications@nut-swansea.com